2009-10 Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2009-10 Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Pre-professional programs

A number of careers require either graduate study beyond the bachelor degree or highly specialized study at another institution after one to three years of liberal arts study at Northwestern. Our pre- professional programs consist of various clusters of courses designed to prepare the student for such advanced study elsewhere.

Students in pre-professional programs are advised to work closely with their advisers and should familiarize themselves with various graduate school catalogs for suggested or required course work in addition to that suggested in Northwestern’s pre-professional programs. Completion of a pre-professional program is not indicated on the student’s transcript.

Students pursuing pre-professional programs requiring the B.A. degree must complete all general education requirements for the B.A. degree (see the general education section of this catalog). If a student is pursuing a pre-professional program that will lead to transfer to another institution after one to three years of study at Northwestern, then it is recommended that, as electives and multiple course options allow, the student choose the following general education courses for his/ her program at Northwestern (based on consultation with his/her faculty adviser). These general education courses are intended to provide each student with a foundation in Christian liberal arts education, including a biblically based values orientation that will guide the student’s later professional studies and his/her professional and personal life.

Northwestern offers the following pre-professional programs: