2008-09 Catalog 
    Jun 18, 2024  
2008-09 Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Mission Service

The mission service career concentration helps students prepare to minister in cross-cultural settings within the United States or abroad. The program integrates biblical and theological reflection with course work in the social sciences and opportunities for first-hand cross-cultural experience. Rapid changes in the world have enormous implications for how we think about missions. This career concentration helps students to understand the changing face of missions and to identify their own unique missionary vocation.

In addition to the core requirements, students selecting this concentration are strongly encouraged to participate in either the Summer of Service program or some other cross-cultural immersion experience. This concentration is open to all majors.

Total credits required: 20-24


In addition: students must complete an approved cross-cultural immersion. This requirement may be satisfied by participation in any of the following: Summer of Service project; mission internship; an approved study-abroad program, such as those offered by the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities; or any study-abroad program recognized for credit by Northwestern College.