2008-09 Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2008-09 Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Northwestern mission

Statement of purpose

The mission of Northwestern College is to provide a distinctively Christian liberal arts education of recognized quality in a primarily undergraduate, coeducational, intercultural residential environment.

As a Christian college in the Reformed tradition, the Northwestern community embraces the belief that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. The college promotes a comprehensive integration of faith, learning and living that prepares students for lives of service to God and humankind.

As a liberal arts college, Northwestern strives to develop a broad and deep understanding of the human and natural worlds and to develop personal skills that will make Northwestern students, faculty and staff effective members of their communities.

The goals of Northwestern College

  1. Provide a distinctively Christian education:
    • that assists in the development of a Christian world- and life-view based on the foundation of biblical teaching
    • that assists in the development of a sincere, personal Christian faith
    • that assists in the development of a uniquely Christian system of values that will guide decision-making
    • that provides opportunities for Christian service
    • that prepares and motivates all members of the college community to use their gifts to glorify God, to transform human culture, and to be stewards of God’s creation
  2. Provide a liberal arts education:
    • that promotes study of and involvement with the major departments of the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences, recognizing their theoretical foundations and methods of inquiry
    • that assists in the understanding of and appreciation for the riches of our cultural heritage and the riches and diversity of other cultures
    • that provides a study of at least one academic field in significant depth
  3. Develop skills and creativity:
    • in written, oral and artistic expression
    • in critical thinking and problem-solving
    • in leadership and interpersonal relations
    • in ethical decision-making
  4. Prepare members of the college community for the future:
    • to be lifelong learners
    • to be careful stewards of their physical and mental well-being
    • to be active and effective participants in church, social and civic communities
    • to be effective in their careers
    • to be wise in their use of leisure time
    • to be sensitive and responsive to beauty
  5. Promote throughout the college excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, performance and production
  6. Encourage the development of a Christian community:
    • that is reflected in godly lives marked by personal devotion, by caring interpersonal relationships, and by respect for others’ unique gifts and perspectives
    • that is reflected in an appreciation for and promotion of cultural, ethnic and racial diversity
    • that is reflected in a participatory system of governance
  7. Provide an attractive and efficient campus plant:
    • that is aesthetically pleasing
    • that promotes active stewardship of the environment
    • that is conducive to serious learning and Christian living
  8. Provide educational, cultural and recreational opportunities for students, faculty, staff and the surrounding communities
  9. Generate the financial resources necessary to provide educational excellence and maintain fiscal responsibility in all programs and operations