2012-13 Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2012-13 Catalog [Archived Catalog]

HIS 327 - Nazi Germany and the Shoah

(4 credits, alternate years, consult department)
General Education Requirement / Option: (European/world history)

This course takes up German history on the eve of the Great War, and follows the effect of the war on Imperial German society. Special attention will be paid to the historiographic debates surrounding Hitler’s role in the Nazi party, the reasons for the party’s electoral success, the nature of Nazi government and rule, and the gradual marginalization of Jews and political opponents from the center of civil society. Roughly the last half of the course takes up the Final Solution or Shoah in the context of Germany’s war in Europe. Attention is given to the Jewish experience in the ghettos and camps, the question of resistance, theology and moral issues after genocide, and the effect of the Shoah on contemporary theology, art and fiction.

Prerequisites: HIS101 and 102.