2012-13 Catalog 
    Jun 18, 2024  
2012-13 Catalog [Archived Catalog]

BIO 345 - Neuroscience and Persons Seminar (NAPs)

(2 credits; alternate years, consult department)
Interdisciplinary lectures, discussions and presentations related to the reading and critiquing of literature on selected topics in the area of neuroscience and persons. Student-led discussions and presentations (oral and written) will be emphasized. Possible topics include: artificial/machine intelligence, clinical neuroscience and neuropathology, cognitive neuroscience, neuroscience and Christianity, neuroscience of emotion, neuroethics, neuromodeling, neuroscience of mental illness, neurophilosophy, neurotheology and social neuroscience; consideration of NAPs-related student research may also be included.

Prerequisite: BIO340 or permission of instructor.