2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Aug 09, 2020  
2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

NUR 310A - Shalom and Professional Nursing Practice

(4 credits)
Designed as a bridge course to orient the BSN-Completion option student to baccalaureate-level study, this course based in a Christian worldview investigates the theological, scientific, and ethical foundation of nursing as a human science, performing art and healing ministry, specifically as an approach to promote shalom (health, peace and wholeness from a Biblical perspective) and social justice. The program’s mission, philosophy, conceptual framework and program outcomes are examined, and nursing as a human science and nursing theories are evaluated in the context of the theory-practice relationship. Specific concepts relevant to professional nursing practice are considered and applied in analysis of both practice and education issues. Service-learning experiences, faith reflection and the creation of an electronic portfolio are integrated in meeting course outcomes.

Prerequisite: Admission to the RN-BSN program.