2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Sep 25, 2020  
2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

PHY 107 - The Physics of Everyday Life

(4 credits, alternate years, consult department) (NWCore option under Science and the Natural World)
A one-semester physics course for students seeking a physical science course to fulfill their natural science general education requirement and those students needing a one-semester physics course for a graduate school program. The primary goal of the course is to introduce students to the basic principles of physics that are at work in creation, as well as how they have been implemented technologically. Specific topics may vary somewhat, but will always focus on the foundational aspects of physics: mechanics, electromagnetism, wave behavior and thermodynamics. There will be some discussion of the historical development of physics and its relationship to faith.

Note: There is a laboratory component to this course.

Prerequisite: MAT109QR or higher, or ACT math score of 24 or better (SAT 570 or above), or consent of department chair.